About us

Vietnamtripadvisor.net is a website providing Vietnam tourism information to forein visitors.Thanks to rising from idea of introducing Vietnam’s beauty to the words, Vietnamtripadvisor.net was founded by tourism students group. With knowledges and experiences of visiting around all over regions in Vietnam for four years, Vietnamtripadvisor.net team hope to update the foreign tourists who comes to visit Vietnam on the lastest and useful information. Accessing Vietnamtripadvisor.net website, you will look for information as follows:

- To guide particularly tourism destinations of Vietnam sush as where to visit, eat and drinks, which hotel to stay and other experience when come there.

- To understand more about culture and history value of Vietnam

- To receive useful advices from tourists who had been in Vietnam and to be supported by Vietnamtripadvisor.net.

- To share information of your trip to Vietnam in puplic