Ba Na Hills, Da Nang (bana)

Chủ nhật , 29/12/2013, 22:42 GMT+7 /
BaNa Hills located on Chua Mountain in the Truong Son Mountains, 30 km from the center of Da Nang city is one of the ideal destination for visiting and relaxing in the central of Vietnam.

With altitude of 1,487m above the sea, Ba Na hills have cool climate around the year with the average temperature of 180C. In Ba Na, there are four seasons in the same day: spring in the morning, at noon is summer, in the afternoon is weather of autumn and at night, it is cold as in winter.

In the early 20th century, the French colonists began to develop Ba Na with many resorts, villas, hotels. At that time, Ba Na quickly becomes a popular destination for colonists and foreign tourists. Ba Na is considered as a great gift which the nature award to Da Nang.

Nowadays, Coming to Ba Na Hills, tourists not only enjoy clear and green air of unspoiled forest but also contemplate spectacular views that not many places have. In Ba Na, there are also more than 256 fauna species, including the rare Asian black bear, pheinardia ocellata and 543 flora species. Coming to Ba Na Hills, tourists can see a colorful spring garden with numerous flowers specific to the sub-temperate climate such as hortensia. You can see wild hortensia and orchids. The unspoiled beauty of wild flower is fascinating. In the recent years, French –style works such as villas, hotels, bars, tennis courts, and badminton courts are restored and built.

Especially, traveling to Ba Na, you can travel by cable car. Ba Na cable car has 22 offices with 24 cabins, a capacity for 1,500 passengers/ hour. Sitting in the cabin cable suspended between sky, tourist can look upon the endless tree line of the forests and enjoy breathtaking views of the lush jungle and waterfalls along the way. The pristine beauty of the primary forest, flocks of butterflies flying, wind blows with aroma of flower will bring one a sense of unforeseeable discovery. Because of these, Ba Na cable car serves not only transport passengers up and down but also an attractive tourism product. Ba Na cable car system is awarded two Guinness World Records for the longest ( 5,042 meters) and highest( 1291.81 meters). From here, tourists can find through layer of cloud and Han River look as blur brush, Nga Hanh Son as rock – garden and boats as small grains of sand. Ba Na Hills is the pride of Vietnamese in general and Da Nang people in particular.

When staying at Ba Na Hills for one night, you will have a nice chance to listen to the breath of mountains and forest and live amidst wild nature. Coming to Ba Na hills, you can forget the exhaustion of daily live and enjoy relaxing moment in fairyland. Ba Na is a cannot- miss destination for tourists when they come to visit Da Nang. 
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