Best time to visit Con Dao Island Vietnam

Thứ bảy , 05/10/2013, 22:24 GMT+7 /
Climate of Con Dao is monsoon tropical. Annually, average temperature is 27 oC; there is a lot of sunshine here. It can be said that, due to lack of resources and the very unique location of Con Dao at the confluence of two major ocean currents, so an weather forecast can be made but it is not accurate.
In general, it rains only in July, August and early September. The rain is primarily at night, it can be heavy, so you should avoid visiting Con Dao in these months. The winds are strong from November to late January. This will not affect your trip to Con Dao. Sometime, your flight may be delayed or lated but it is not probem.

Con Dao was added on the list of most romatic and impressive tourist destinations in the Southeast Asia and Asia. In 2011, Con Dao was selected as one of 20 most mysterious islands of the world by the US-based Travel and leisure Magarine.

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