Bun Bo Hue – Hue Beef Noodle Soup

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Mentioning about Hue people would immediately think about delicious dishes called Bun Bo Hue- a specialty of Hue. Although Bun Bo or Noodle Beef Soup is popular in Vietnam, but Bun Bo Hue (Hue Noodle Beef Soup ) is more famous by the combination of spicy, sour, salty, sweet flavors and lemon grass…
In other areas, it is known simply as bún bò, but people call as bún bò Huế by denoting of its origin. The main ingredient of this dish is beef and pork. One special taste of Bun Bo Hue is adding “mam ruoc” to the broth pot. Coming to Hue, people can find easily Bun Bo Hue at any time of day. Let’s try it once and you will be impressed in Hue cuisine.
Beef bone: 1kg
Pork hock: 1 item
Boneless beef sirloin: ½ kg
Boneless pork loin
Cold water : 3 l
Salt: ½ teaspoon
Fresh basil
Lemon grass 
Cashew nuts
Rice noodles
Bean sprouts, lemon grass, banana flower, scallions, onion, coriander…
Mam ruoc (shrimp paste), Nuoc mam (Vietnamese spicy fish sauce), sugar, chili…
1. Boiled the water. Then added beef bone, pork hock, boneless pork loin, boneless beef sirloin, 2/3 lemon grass, salt to the boiling water. Please note that uncovered, skimming the pan, then cover and simmer on low heat. When boneless pork loin, boneless beef sirloin is well cooked, take it out and drop into cold water with a little salt. The rest is boiled on low heat for about 90 minutes, adding sugar, nuoc mam, mam ruoc…for good taste.
2. Boiled rice noodle.
3. Pour the mixture of the rest of lemon grass, chili, and cashew nuts…into hot oil pan. Then, adding all of it to the reserved broth in the stockpot by a sieve.
4. Banana flower is sliced and mixed with water and little lemon.
5. Scallions, coriander…is washed
When all the ingredient are ready, plate the Bun Bo Hue is combination rice noodles, some slice of pork hock, boneless beef sirloin, bean sprouts , diced green onions, raw sliced onions, garlic…. Pour out the boiling broth. Then you can serve a bowl of BunBo Hue. In addition, guest must enjoy Bun Bo Hue with banana flower, basil, scallions, coriander…for more excellent. Visitor can feel the flavor not only by sense but also by smell.
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