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Con Dao Island lying on the East Sea includes a group of 16 islands, among which the largest island is Con Son. Con Dao is a prison island for political prisoners. This island is famous for the name “tiger cages”. Political prisoners were kept in extremely overcrowded conditions. There are about 20,000 prisoners died here and were buried in Hang Duong Cemetery.
Besides having a magic history, Con Dao is known as also an Island of immese natural beauty with forested hills, deserted sandy beaches and extensive coral reefs. Con Dao is part of a maritime and national park. It has a lot of original forest and associated flora and fauna. Con Dao have very beauiful beches with great swimming and snorkeling. 

Today, Con Dao attracts Vietnamese and increasing numbers of foreign tourists to visit here. From Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, tourists will reach Co Ong Airport on Con Son Island- one of the largest Island of Con Dao. There are no buses or taxis here, so you should choose any vans to take you to your hotels or guesthouse. It is served as a bus with the same price. Renting a motobike is the best choice for you to travel around Con Dao freely.

There are many hotels and guesthouse for your choice such as Hai Nga hotel in the Tran Phu street, Thai Ha guesthouse in the Nguyen Hue street, Tan An mini hotel in the Le Duan street, Phuong Thao hotel in the Tran Phu street, Hai An mini hotel in the Ho Thanh Tong street, etc. You can try Saigon Con Dao Resort or Six Senses Resort for your luxurious trip to Con Dao.

Six Sense Con Dao Island

The first impresion of Con Dao center is a peace urban area lying near the sea with clean roads and you can walk along almond trees and old Bang Lang trees. There are lot of new infrastructure with offices, hotels, resorts, restaurants and residential houses. 

Con Dao National park is one of famous spot of Con Dao. It was established in 1977 covering fourteen of the sixteen Island and their surrounding marine areas. There are 882 species of floral, 135 species of animals and more than 1,300 species of marine creatures. The shallow water near the island is also home to many precious animals such as dolphins, dugong, hawksbill, Green Turtle, etc. The Dugong is the specific feature of other interesting sea life around Con Dao. 

The diving is the most interesting actions in Con Dao. The coral is relatively impressive. You can dive most time of the sea and watch boasting turtles, rays, giant barracuda, cuttlefish, and cobia.

Beside, you can visit Hang Duong Cemetery. Hang Duong Cemetery is 190,000 square meters in area. It is a memorial Cemetery in Vietnam where bury prisoners who died at the Con Dao prison. Probably, the most famous is Vo Thi Sau. She is a national hero of Vietnam. Hang Duong Cemetery is easily accessed by bicycle or on foot. You should not go to Hang Duong Cemetery in the evening or at night. It is very dark.

You also contact museum to visit prison system. You can rent a motorboat to fish. The price of renting a motorboat for fishing is 1,500,000 VND per day.You should have a trip to the turtle sanctuary. It can be arranged throught the national Park office. You can stay overnight here.

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Beach was beautiful. I will return to Vietnam
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