Cu Lao Cham Marine Park (Cham Islands), Quang Nam

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Located about 15km from Cua Dai beach (Hoi An – Quang Nam Province ), Cu Lao Cham is approved as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2009 by its rich fauna and flora system. Considering as a “green pearl “of Quang Nam Province, this is an ideal destination for many tourists.

Cu Lao Cham consists 8 islands which are Lao namely Hon Lao (Pearl), Hon Dai (long), Hon Mo (tomb), Hon Kho mẹ, Hon Kho con (dry), Hon La (leaf), Hon Tai (ear) and Hon Ong (east wind). The population of Cu Lao Cham is about 3.000 people and their main occupation is fishing.

First of all, let’s begin with its history. Cu Lao Cham is a historical and cultural relic associated with the formation and development of Hoi An Ancient Town. In the pass, Cu Lam Cham is noted by the name of “Champello” in the map. And it also called by another name as Puliciam, Chiêm Bất Lao, Tiên Bích La. Up to now, lot of relics that belongs to Sa Huynh culture, Cham, Dai Viet is still here, such as the hundred old - structure of Cham people and Viet people. On the other hand, the climate here is so cool with beautiful beaches, diversified flora and fauna system, natural seafood; especially bird nest is the main resource of this land. Moreover, the coral reefs are listed into protected listing by scientists. By all the reason above, today Cu Lao Cham is very- known as an attractive ecotourism destination.

Secondly, how to get there? There are three way to come Cu Lao Cham. 1. Taking canoes from Cua Dai, about 15 minutes. Very fast, but expensive. 2.  Taking boat from Cua Dai, about 1 hour. 3. Taking boat from Hoi An Ancient quarter, about 2 hours.

And now here are some highlight sites that visitor can not missed at this land: 

Cu Lao Cham is firstly known by the beautiful beaches with wild and attractive feature. Among them, the most famous beaches are Ong Beach and Chong Beach. These two beaches are most developed where tourists can relax, go hunting, fishing even fishing octopuses. It is providing clear fresh water all the year round. Moreover, the coral reefs here are full of colors. Thus, visitor can not miss a diving tour to enjoy this beauty. On the other hand, tourist can take the tour to visit some historical places as Au Thuyen-100-year Tay Tang Pagoda, Ong temple- a big construction of local people to worship a big fish buried here.

Not only that, for natural lovers, visitor will have a chance to admire a rich fauna and flora system with a lot of woods and rare animals. In particular, tourists are able to see cliffs where swallow build their nests and see how they made it. In addition, tourist can stay one night at the home of fisherman here to explore their activities life and enjoy the delicious seafood made by them. People on the island are warmly, sincere. Go there; visitor can join in some activities as camping, swimming and scuba diving …It can be said that Cu Lao Cham is a beautiful island with wonderful sand beaches, forested and hills and the sea. This is just like a gift from nature for this land.
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