Da Nang Vietnam (Đà Nẵng city)

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When saying about Da Nang, tourists can imagine that It is beautifull City a long Han River, on the East Sea Bank with the charming have not seen before at any place.
Besides, Da Nang has many nature scensetys with varried beaches and famous place for visiting such as Cau Song Han, Ba Na hill, marble mountains, Son Tra Paninsula, etc.These places should not been miss when coming to Da Nang.Thank to highlight features, visiting Da Nang is the good idea for tourists

Da Nang is the center of the economic, education, science and technology of Highland and Central area. It lacated on the central - North Coastal region, Vietnam

Travelling: Firstly, welcome to Son Tra paninsula. As called a forest of high trees of Vietnam. As called a forest of high trees of Vietnam which lacated in the Central of Da Nang, Son Tra paninsula is the same as jewel of Da Nang. Nowaday, there are 289 kind of plants in here where relation of monkey and extinct rare animal listed in Red book live in. Coming to Son Tra, tourists either go to forest or go to the beach, descovering forest of high tree.

Leaving Son Tra Paninsula, tourists visit Marble Mountain. Probably, who had know about Da Nang, know marble Mountain. It is too famouse so people want it become a symbol of this territory. The space in here is fanciful, poetic with pagodas, caves, trees and grass, the bell of pagodas and breaking wave. Marble Mountain become a paradise for tourist.

From Marble Mountain, you can travel straigh to Cau Song Hang. It was built and designed by archeter and workers of Vietnam. This place attracts tourists to Da Nang. You do not forget Linh Ung Pogadas; you can walk around the pagodas and feel the peace of silence and poectic scenes in here. In the next day, tourist can visit Cham Museum. Both in the raining or sunny day, both morning or evening, you still can find the calm of the thinking. Coming here, we can see the resplendent past of nationality Champa, the stories through pictures.

Ba Na hill is a interesting place when travell to Da Nang. From the cable hanger, tourists wil see the imposing Suoi Mo. Tourists will enjoy the changes of the weather, when trasit to Cong Troi or have a chance to feel adventure in the dew.
Foods: Because Da Nang locate near the sea, so Da Nang is famouse for seafood dishes, tourists can enjoy seafood  in the restgants on the coastline of Da Nang. The price is not too expensive. There are many dishes with specific tast of the middle of Vietnam there. You can walk along the street of Pham Van Dong. There are many seafood resturant in here.If you one time enjoy Bun Cha Ca, Bun Thit Nuong, My Quang, Banh Beo, etc you would not forget the cuisine specific feature in Da Nang.
Some Notices: Because Da Nang is very large and have alots of visiting destination so in the first time you travel to Da Nang, you should chose taxi to travel. Da Nang is tour city, so there are many taxi. If you need the cheaper transportation, you can rent a bicycle costs 70,000 VND per day or motorbike costs 120,000 VND per day. If you want to look  some views in han river and Cau Song Han you can rent a cyclo or you can walk to enjoy the beauty of city and you do not forget take overcoat.
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