Dalat Vietnam (Da Lat city)

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Da lat is romantic and dream city. When coming to Da Lat, I feel that travell to some places of Europe.
Da Lat is the City of thousands of flowers and huneymooners with beautiful French villas, the fresh air, the lovely waterfalls and gorgeous lakes. Da Lat’ specific feartures ar pine forest with twisting roads and tree marigold, cherry blossom in the winter. The nature gives Da Lat things that no where has with the cool weather annusually.

All these make Da Lat attractive and make the list of specific name: the city of thousand of flower, love city, the dew city.When foreigners coming here call Da Lat as ‘Little Paris’ due to its French architecture villas.

Its called as Vietnam’s vegetable garden due to its cool weather annuasually. Da Lat supplies agreculture products for all over Vietnam. Tourists come to Da Lat can enjoy many kinds of fruits.  One time two years, The National flower Festival hold in this city with many participants in the world.
Da Lat is famous for Xuan Huong lake. It is shaped like the crescent moon. Tourists come to lake to meet and talk. The lake is place where many honeymooners come to visit.

Xuan Huong Lake

Tourists visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery. It is the largest in Vietnam and located text to Tuyen Lam lake and in the Phung Hoang mountain. You can sit and hear blowing wind anh look the large Tuyen Lam lake with …, under valley.

If visitor want to see the valley.This place is the best choice for you. Cam Ly waterfall located near the city center of Da Lat. Coming to Da Lat, you can enjoy Nem Nuong Ba Hung- one of Da Lat’s speciality. You can not find this dish at any place.


Cam Ly waterfall
When coming to Da Lat City, you do not forget carry camera to take some photograph of amazing scences here and you should travel around by horse. It is very great. Da Lat is not large but destination is far from each other, so it is difficult to walk.

The best choice for tourists is booking hotel, villas far from central so that you can enjoy the feeling of silence and peace in the morning. After that you can rent a motorbike to travel to visiting place with the map.

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