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Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the Northeast region of Vietnam which has an area of 7945.8 km2. This terrain is bordered by Cao Bang province to the East, Yen Bai and Lao Cai province to the West, Tuyen Quang province to the South and Yunna province, China to the North. , Ha Giang Province has a lot of high rocky mountain and river, stream systems.
This place has a complex topography which can be divided into 3 regions: upland mountain, upland of massif upstream and lowland. Ha Giang has many high mountains, which Tay Con Linh peak (2419m) and Kieu Lieu Ti (2402m) are the highest. There are a rich, various herbal plants and fauna system.

Ha Giang is known as a poor mountainous with different traffic. However, in recent year, it has found a best way for economic development, called tourism industry. Because Ha Giang is home to many unique cultural products from a long tradition of more than 20 ethnic groups, a memorable tourist destination by the natural landscape and its people. The first image make Ha Giang is more famous, is terraced rice fields. The terraced rice field’s picture is always a inspiration resource for visitors and photographers more to explore. At Hoang Su Phi, located in the northern of Ha Giang, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism have been recognized the terraced rice fields have been accepted as a national heritage site. It is really a wonderful natural painting.

In addition, passing in Ha Giang, traveler should not miss an opportunity to shop at Dong Van market that is held every Sunday, from 06:00 to 10:30 A.M. By the unique U- shape structure and stone architecture, this is a colorful fair with many local products made by Mong, Han, Dao, Giay and Tay ethnic people. They gathered here exchange goods by their language. Like some other upland fairs, this market have also severs ethnic cuisine such as: Thang co, triangle cake, corn wine…Coming here, let’s try one time to enjoy it, so special.

Moreover, one more remarkable attraction of Ha Giang is Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark that is recognized as World Geological Park by UNESCO.  Located in the extreme north of Vietnam with an average elevation of over 1,000 meters above sea level, it is one of the special limestone, contains the typical marks about earth’s crust development, natural phenomena beautiful landscape, high diversity of biology and long cultural tradition of people here. It is the first global Geopark in Viet Nam and the second in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, before entering to Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, visitor must go through Quan Ba’s heaven gate- lying about 1,500m above sea level. It was built in 1939 by the French; they made a stone wall and a wooden gate, after this gate, it is other world. On the top of Quan Ba, tourist can have a panoramic view of Tam Son Town, especially Co Tien Double Mountain that its shape is the same as “two breasts” of the girl. This place is very attractive destination for travelling to Northeast Vietnam.

Another site tourist maybe interested in is National Flagpole Lung Cu, situated at an altitude of about 1,700 m from sea level. This is a small point on the borders Vietnam-China. It has a long history, many times to rebuild. And the new flagpole is renewed on 25 September 2000 with its height of 30m. Lung Cu Flagpole is on the top of Lung Cu peak- which is considered as the roof of Vietnam. From its top, people can see the whole beautiful and spectacular sightseeing. Beside, Lung Cu is a land of Shan tea, honey wine and Thang Co, of culture traditional features of ethnic Mong, Lo Lo, Giay. This area is most attractive in spring by colorful forest flowers. For adventurous, Ma Pi Leng pass is a most dangerous road with 20 kilometers length that must to discover. On the Happiness road, it is so difficult to pass over . But it have a romantic view, bellowing is Nho Que River. From Ma Pi Leng pass top, Nho Que look like a silver ribbon through limestone ravines.

Not only that, Ha Giang has a lot of must-see place as Dong Van’s Old Quarter that is similar to areas in Hoi An and Ha Noi's Quarte, Khau Vai love market,  The Mansion of Vuong family, Nam Dan Old Stone Filed…

On the other hand, Ha Giang is not only known as a mountainous province with majestic scenery, many interesting festival, but is also a homeland of natural product. One of the tourist attractions, it is its cuisine. Firstly, tradition dish of Mong ethnic- Thang Co is always the first meal to mention.  It is become a typical dish of each highland market.  Secondly, during Tet or festival, five-colored steamed glutinous rice s an important, indispensible dish of almost ethnic groups in Ha Giang, especially Tay people.  Beside, “Au tau soup”, “men men, corn wine, Shan tee…are also Ha Giang’s specialties that tourist should enjoy.

Following is some advices.

The best time for travelling here is year around. However, if you go here on Tet holidays, you will have a chance to enjoy a lot of different favors from 23 ethnic minorities living here. In August and September, it is the times the wide valleys of terraced fields are covered by the yellow color of ripen rice. From late October to November, buckwheat flower season will bring a romantic, attractive view… Nowadays, traveler can come here by taking motorbike, especially youth generation. They want to gain a lot of extraordinary experiences to explore this land by their own way. In brief, Ha Giang province is a highlight of Northern area in particular, and it is a recommended destination of Vietnam in general.  Because of its various picturesque landscape and hospitality of local people, the mountainous eco- tour in Ha Giang is more and more attractive for international and domestic visitors.

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