Hai Van Pass

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The Hai Van Pass (also Ai Van Pass or ocean cloud pass) is 500 above sea levels with length of 21km. This pass is on the border of Thua Thien Hue (at the North) and Da Nang (at the South) , near Bach Ma National Park. It is the most dangerous and longest in Vietnam.

Historically, the pass was the border between Dai Viet nation and Chiem Thanh. However, after certain historical event, Hai Van pass was completely belonged to Vietnam. In the 15th century, after acts of this place, King Le Thanh Tong was given the name “De Nhat Hung Quan” for this place, meaning “the most marvelous wonder”.

Nevertheless, in some century, Cai Quan route (today Route 1A) was well known for its dangerous roads, a lot of huge beasts and bandits so it is rarely having someone who could pass out this pass. So that the culture between the North and South has a few occasion to exchange. However, under the French colonies, they made the railway around the pass, so the traffic was easier. And one important event, in 2005, a Hai Van tunnel has been put into in operation, making communication between Hue and Da Nang become a lot more convenient safety but Hai Van pass is still the obstacle to prevent one part of the climate between two regions.

Today, on the top of Hai Van pass, there is also a trace of one gate named “Hai Van Quan “which was constructed from Tran dynasty. Unfortunately, this monument is severely degraded. Besides, one more construction is remaining here, is a bunker made from French forces in 1826 to protect this pass. Although there is a tunnel through Hai Van pass, and the topography of pass is still having some dangerous, but many people want to discover it to admire the unique beauty. It is not only a poetic, majestic, most magnificent Vietnam with one side of the vast blue sea, chasms, the message coincides mountains, scene excellent very spectacular, but also a amazing feeling amazement at passing through the clouds.

In a nice day, visitor could enjoy the nice view from here as one part of Da Nang city, Tien Sa Port, Son Tra peninsula, Cu Lao Cham Island…and more far, is a image of the sandy beaches to embrace the blue of sea, so attractive. Actually, Hai Van pass is really a challenging journey, but when you discovered it, it is certainly that you have a great experience!

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