Ho Chi Minh Weather, The Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam

Thứ sáu , 27/09/2013, 20:38 GMT+7 / vietnamtripadvisor.net
Ho Chi Minh City is located in the Southern of Vietnam. Although it is not capital of Vietnam, but it is the largest city in Vietnam and it attracts 70% of tourists from many countries in the world. It can be said that you can visit Ho Chi Minh City at anytime in a year.
Ho Chi Minh has tropical climate and rarely suffer from storm and typhoon like the Central or Northern Vietnam. There are two distinctive seasons: dry and rainy. The rainy season usually begins in May and ends in late November with an average rainfall of about 1,800 millimeter. It is humid and rainy but it has particular features. Although, rainy days are very short and it do not affect the trip but most tourists do not choose rainy months for their trip. The best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City is the dry season. It starts from December and last until April. The average temperature is 28 oC; the highest temperature may reach 39 oC around noon time in late April and the lowest temperature sometimes fall below 16 oC in the early mornings of late December. Coming to Ho Chi Minh City in this season, tourists can avoid the normal sticky weather of this city. If you come to visit Ho Chi Minh City on occation of Christmas, you can see streets and hotels in Central of City are filled with colorful decorations and grand sales in all kinds of shops. With it’s pleasant climate, tourists can visit around the city and all landscapes of Ho Chi Minh City freely. I am sure that you will have unforgetalbe memories when coming to visit Ho Chi Minh City.

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