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Thứ sáu , 29/11/2013, 22:41 GMT+7 / vietnamtripadvisor.net
Hon Tre Island is the biggest island of Nha Trang Bay. The total area of island is 3000 hectares and far from Nha Trang City about 5km to the East and far Cau Da about 3,5km. According to the statistics, there are about 1500 people gathered in two mains communes as Bich Dam and Vung Ang. Their occupation mainly is fishing.

Today, Hon Tre Island is becoming an attractive destination of Nha Trang not only by the relaxing, but also visitor can participate in some program combined by the sport and discovery. Up to now, the planning of Hon Tre Island is including two areas.

Firstly, Vung Me –Bai Tru– Dam Gia- Bai Ran are planned towards a population of high-end tourism projects including 7 current projects: Con se tre tourism area, Vinpearl resort & spa, Vinpearl eco-tourism area and underwater world, Vinpearl cultural park, Hon Tre cultural park, Bai Soi eco-tourism area, Villas and Vinpearl golf. The transportation for this area is linked by 2 ports at Vung Me and the Vinpearl Cable car with the length of 3320m, a gondola lift system. This is a longest cable car in the world. Also, it is a special detail to promote the tourism here.

Secondly, Dam Bay area is containing of two main projects as sea world park and Dam Bay eco-tourism village where the resort and cultural and trade center will be located. IT can be said that, in the future, the eco-tourism village will be attracting investor and many visitors .Not only that, one more remarkable attraction of this land is the climate that is so cool, so tourist can enjoy the refresh air with the natural scene. Thank to nature for giving this land some beautiful beaches and majestic natural landscape, Hon Tre Island is a recommended destination for domestic and international visitor. 
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