Hue Vietnam - My Love

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When thinking of Hue, reminding me of poectic, romantic and ancient City. However, Hue is not native place, but I have had lived and studies in Hue for 4 years. So this city become a very close and lovely city for me. I always wants to comeback to Hue city where is coverd by the taciturn and deep look.

Who do not come to Hue before will feel that Hue is very sad and gloomy, but when coming and living here you can see that Hue is not sad, Hue is modern too. If you open your mind with the really love, you can found that Hue is romatic and poectic, Hue keep your foot with beautiful and amazing scenery. 
Coming to Hue, tourists can enjoy and visit historical value, festivals, cultural, cuisine. For history, Hue is famous for monuments, tomps, pagodas, temples.

Especially, Hue can de considered a centrer of Buddhist city where have so many pagodas that include many special features and value, among which is Thien Mu pogodas. It becomes a symbol of the city.


Thien Mu pogodas - Photo by Bear (xomnhiepanh)

Besides, tourist can visit tombs of Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Tu Duc. For festivals, there is Nam Giao worship ceremony in which praying for good weather, praying for prosperous living. Hue festival was organizied one time for every two years there. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world coming to Hue.

If coming to Hue in these days, you should book hotel early so that make sure enough hotel for you. I really like the feeling of seating on the cyclo and passing over a Truong Tien bridge and along Dai Noi, Ngo Mon Gate, Hoang Thanh (Royal Citade). The cost of cyclo is very cheap and driver will be a good guide for you.


Truong Tien bridge - Photo by Kemda

I still remember that in the summer, we always bicycling to Thuan An Beach. This is a deserted and beautiful beach. You do not forget enjoy delicious seafood.

On the way from Thuan An to city, you can go to Con Hen to eat com hen and walking on Han Mac Tu street of Vi Da hamlet. Coming to Hue city, tourists really like cuisine here. You can enjoy rice with mussel (com hen), Bun Bo Hue (Hue style beef vermicelli), Banh Beo (water fern cake), Banh nam, Banh loc.

The feature of Hue cuisine is that it is often very spicy. There are a lots of vegetarian restaurant with delicious and rich deshes. No one who has come to Hue could ignore Nha Nhac Royal Music proclaimed by UNESCO a intangible heritage of humanity.


Nha Nhac Royal Music
I keep Hue in my mind with diffirent emotion scale. Looking active and effervescent life of Ha Noi and morden like of Hochiminh City, I am attract to space, however, go every where in the country, I feel that no place where is romantic and dream as Hue City. I hope that Hue is always keeping this beauty.
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