Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi Vietnam

Thứ năm , 24/10/2013, 09:32 GMT+7 / vietnamtripadvisor.net
Long Bien Bridge is a historic bridge across the Red River that connects two part of Hanoi’s city, Vietnam. It considered the symbol of courageous capital in wars.
The Bridge was connection for transporting thousand of rice tones from Northern and Northern Central area of Vietnam to Dien Bien Phu battle and contributed to the win of Vietnam army against French in 1954. Many spans of the bridge were destroyed. The left spans remaining today remind us of an unforgettable past. The Long Bien Bridge was built from 1989 to 1920 and designed by French. However, it was constructed by Vietnamese workers. The Bridge was originally named Paul Doumer, but it was named Long Bien or Cai River Bridge by Vietnamese, but Long Bien is the most popular name for this bridge.

Today, Long Bien is the most special bridge with nice architecture, living historical relic and cultural value in comparison with five bridges crossing the Red River. Ha Noi people can buy fresh vegetable or fish from the small market on the bridge. It may be said that Long Bien is the ideal place to watch the sunrise or sunset and take many nice photos. Many brides and grooms come to Long Bien Bridge to take their wedding photos. Many boys and girls take nice photos to keep memories of youth life on the bridge. And many trains pass the bridge each day. Long Bien Bridge is still living and sharing the daily life with Hanoians silently. Coming to Hanoi, you do not should miss to take a walk on this bridge for sightseeing, feeling the daily life of Hanoians and enjoying peaceful moment at the present but not forgetting unforgettable past.

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