Mui Ke Ga Cape, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

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Located at Thuan Quy Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Ninh Thuan Province, Mui Ke Ga is also called as Mui Khe Ga. This is a headland jutting into the East Sea, far from Phan Thiet City 40km to the southwest.

Nowadays, Ke Ga Cape is an ideal destination for tourist by its beauty. Actually, Mui Ke Ga is a small island which is far the mainland about 500m. It is an isolated island in the high tide, in contrast, in low tide; there is a sand way to connect Mui Ke Ga to the mainland. While Phan Thiet is well- known for a lot of beautiful beaches, a white sandy dunes…coming to Mui Ke Ga  which is nearly 20km from the the city of Phan Thiet to the East, visitor have a chance to admire many strange cliffs piled up all the over the place.

For a long time, the local people often compare Mui Ke Ga to cliff garden. The name of Mui Ke Ga is also by its encroachment to the sea, and by a majestic way, its shape looks almost like a chicken head. The water flowing around rocks is compared to a strip of clouds to hug the mountain. Despite of a lot resorts growing here, but Mui Ke Ga is still kept a wild feature and natural landscape as before.

Go there; please do not miss Ke Ga Lighthouse of 60m tall, a tallest and oldest existing lighthouse of Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general. Ke Ga Lighthouse was built on the top of Ke Ga Island which designed by a French architect named Chnavat. Inside the lighthouse, there is 183 steel spiral stairs leading to the top. All materials were brought from France, including a big light on the top and generator. On the top of this lighthouse, there is a big light of 2000W by giving a light to 40km around, it is considered as a signal to all the ship back and forth to move here. The lighthouse has now been working for 108 years. Presently, Ke Ga Lighthouse has become an attractive site by its art and architecture and its beautiful natural landscape.

From the top of Ke Ga Lighthouse, people can see the panorama view of Mui Ke Ga. Especially, in sunset, visitor can see an extraordinaire sight with splendid colors. The keepers are always ready to take round boat for tourist to visit the lighthouse. Besides the beautiful landscapes, Ke Ga is famous for its seafood, so excellent. Moreover, visitor have an opportunity to join some interesting activities as visiting seafood market in the early morning, fishing, catching crabs at nigh…. Let’s stay one nigh here to gain some special experiences.

In conclusion, today, Mui Ke Ga is the most favorite destination for domestic and foreign visitors.
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