My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam

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My Son Sanctuary situated in Quang Nam Province around 69 kilometers southwest of Da Nang city is a unique sanctuary of the ancient Cham religion. For long time, Cham culture had influences on Vietnam’s cultural values as well as architecture.

The Cham people are an ethnic group in Southeast Asia. They are formed in both Cambodia and Vietnam. Cham is trace of the Cham Pa Kingdom, closely related to the Malay race. My Son is considered as one of the oldest Hindu temple complex in Southeast Asia.

From the 4th to 15th century, a unique culture of Indian Hinduism of Cham developed on the coast of contemporary Vietnam. According to records on the stone stele, in the beginning, the ancient My Son architectural complex was a wooden temple to worship the Siva Bradresvera genie. In the end of 16th century, the temple was destroyed by a big fire. Scientists unveiled historical mysteries step by step and then My Son Holy Land become the most important holy land of the Cham people for praying and worship ceremony place. My Son is also a place to assist the reigns to contact with God and Saints.

Because each historical period has its own identity affected by Kings of different dynasties, therefore, the architectural art of the Cham towers at My Son Holy Land have different styles, including ancient style, Hoa Lai style, the Dong Duong style, the My Son and My Son – Binh Dinh styles, etc. The My Son Holy land comprises more than 70 architectural works. They include temples and towers that connect to each other with complicated red bricks designs. All of the Cham towers were built on a quad-rate foundation. No matter how the towers were built, they comprises three parts: a solid tower base, representing the world of humankind, the magic and deism tower body, representing the world of spirit and the tower top built in the shape of a man offering flowers and fruits or of trees, birds, animals, etc. representing things that are close to the spirits and humankind.

If you are enjoying a tour to Quang Nam province, you should come to visit My Son Holy land to more understand a Vietnam’s ancient cultural features of sacred and mysterious beauty. 
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