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One Pillar Pagoda with the former name of Dien Huu pagoda is the most special architectures in Vietnam. It is located near Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, right in the centre of Ha Noi. One Pillar Pagoda attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to come to visit. It has become a “can –not- miss” destination when coming to visit Ha Noi.

According to legend, King Ly Thai To who had no children, used to go to pagoda to pray for a son. On night in 1049, The King dreamed of the Phat Ba Quan Am who sit on a lotus flower in a square-shaped lotus pond and she gave him a baby boy. When he woke up, he was advised to build a pagoda supported by only one pillar like his dream. The French colonist destroyed the pagoda before withdrawing from Vietnam in 1954 and in 1955; it was rebuilt with a concrete pillar from its remnants by the Vietnamese government.

Today, the structure of One Pillar Pagoda likes a lotus flower in the Linh Chieu pond. It was built of wood on a single stone pillar that make it most unique. The stone pillar is 1.2m in diameter and 4m high. It consists of two blocks that are connected together and look like one. The pagoda’s roof  is decorated with dragons flaking the moon. Inside the One Pillar Pagoda, there is small pagoda house where people who wish to be blessed with many children go to and make an offering. One Pillar is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 P.m and entrance is free. With great values of history, culture and architecture, One Pillar Pagoda has become one of the most famous pagoda in Vietnam where should not miss when coming to visit Ha Noi.

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