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Locating in the Sourthern of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is largest and most beaufiful island in Vietnam. It’s the most interesting destination for tourists and foreigners.

Coming to Phu Quoc, you can see the blue water, breath fresh clean wind of sea and calm down in Suoi Tranh, enjoy fresh seafood. Phu Quoc is also deserted island although tourists come here more and more. During the war of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island was used as a prison. 

Ruins of the prison are visible today. Phu Quoc Island is covered by forests and the deserted beaches, creating an enchanting environment in the island. Coming to Phu Quoc , do not miss to view the magical sunset from the beach. It is great experience and enjoy sunthathing on the beach. All these make a perfect picture of Phu Quoc Island’s beauty.

The trip to Phu Quoc will be a unforgetable memory in your life when you visit famous landscapes in turn of Phu Quoc such as Ham Ninh fishing village, Sao Beach, Khem Beach, Tranh Spring, Da Ban Spring, Khu Tuong peper garden, Trung Truc Temple, Ganh Dau Beach, Long Beach, ect.

Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the east of the fantastic Phu Quoc with the mountains and forest. Local people’s house remain primitive features with cottage roofs and bamboo wattles. Formerly, people come here to do fishing and the formed this village. When coming to Ham Ninh in the morning you can see the beauty of the sea and watch the sunset in the evening. Coming to Phu Quoc Island, Tourists can also enjoy boiled crabs. The crab is specilty which has been caught from the sea. It has fresh red colour and firm meat.

Phu Quoc’ peper garden is famous for natural flavour. It is diffirent from peper in place. People here always warmly welcome tourists to visit their green peper garden. After visiting here you can buy some peper for your relatives. Trung Truc Temple was built by local people here to memorize heros who have merit for country and nation. Anually, On August 28th of lunar, people of Phu Quoc come to here to take part in Death Anniversary.

Ganh Dau Beach located on the North west side of Phu Quoc attracted tourists by deserted natural beauty and the most specific features. Ganh Dau Beach has a bow–shaped beach. This place is good fro enjoying seafood. Tranh spring creats from many small springs. It has water from June to September annually. There are beautiful landscapes with flowers, grass, mountains, forests, sea and springs here. This place is good for camping, picnic. Coming here tourists can camping and take part in picnic activitives.

Coming to Cay Dua prison in Phu Quoc, you can yourself witness what was happen with soliders here. You can see courage towards enemy’s maltreatment. You will find clearly patriotism of people and understand more about history of Vietnam country.

Cay Dua prison

When coming to Phu Quoc Island, you should not miss visiting one of the factories producingof the Vietnamese cooking. You do not forget take some bottom of fish sauce for your mother or wife.

Phu Quoc has monsoon tropical climate with distinct rainy (June to November) and dry seasons (December to May). Do not worry, you can travel to Phu Quoc at anytime in year. Because average temperature reach about 28 oC. The climate is cool annually.

Foreigners and tourists focus on relaxing should chose hotels along Tran Hung Dao street with any beatifull resorts. If you chose other hotels and want to have a bath on the beach on Tran Hung Dao street. It is far more than tens of km. If you want to rent cheaper one and near entertainment area, you can  book hotels on Nguyen Trung Truc, Bach Dang, 30/4 streets.
With all above experiences, I hope that you can have a wonderfull and unforgetable holiday in Phu Quoc.

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