Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website- The policy of keeping secrets below tells you how to use persional information in this website.

1. Gathering Information

We collect your persional information sush as name, email adress when you volunteer to comment at our website. Information of your email adress will be kept secret.

2. Cookie – the storage for tracking of website

Website may use cookie and tracking technology( google analysis, google webmaster etc). Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information. They act like a type of network browser and operating system for tracking the number of visitors who access website and understanding of customers when using the features of website to meet the information needs better.Cookie can also help to customize websites for foreigners to access.Persional information can not be stored through files of Cookie on the system.

3. Keeping secret for the social network

Our website uses plugin of the social networks such as google plus, facebook, twitter.Plugin is realized by logo of goole, facebook, twitter.