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Welcome to Sapa Vietnam, a beautiful mountainous town in nothern Vietnam, along border with China. Sapa is located at 1650m above sea level with spectacular scenery is very romantic, suitable for those who prefer leisure travel, honeymooner or explore adventurous traveller Fansipan conquer peaks – the highest mountain in Indochina

Herein some sharings for travelling in Sapa.
Get in: There  are many ways to arrive Sapa from Hanoi (Capital city)
Landing off Noi Bai Airport, you can book Train tickets from any travel agency in Hanoi, It’s much better if you can book tickets in advance to get cheap price or more comfortable seats and book 2 ways tickets to get more convenient your initiative time. The price for one way seat around 500 thousand Vietnam dong and depends on season may higher or cheaper. It take you 9 hrs to arrive Sapa. The Train ends at Lao Cai, From Lao Cai has many busses will be waiting outside the station to pick up you the remaining distance to Sapa (38 km), the price for each ticket around 50 thousand dong added.
Other way to get Sapa is going by buses. There are many busses to Lao Cai with price about 300 thousand dong for each individual one way, (the tickets you may ask travel ageniesy for help) then you may need to look for a car to send you from Lao Cai to Sapa, have many travelling cars going around bus station, so you don’t need worry about routes.
If you are really enjoy adventurous persons, you also may rent a motobike from Hanoi direct to Sapa (about 10 hrs driving). Remember bringing along with map and buying reserve gasoline incase you aren’t experienced much about route, and petrol station to fulfil your motorbike.


Tourist attraction destinations at Sapa
Sapa had planed by the French in the 1940s with resorts fully equipped to cater to the French. Therefore, you will see the old mansion with European architecture in the cherry gardens and  Samu trees.
Ham Rong flower garden built on natural terrain of Ham Rong mountain. At this place you can see plenty of flowers as orchid, cherry, etc, and up to the top of Ham Rong you have a panoramic view of Sapa romantic town in the fog.
Fansipan - The roof of Indochina 3143m above sea level is belong to Hoang Lien Son range. This is the destination for those who like to conquer the challenge of climbing mountain in a period 2 days 1 night.

Sapa has many natural scenic attractions like Silver waterfall (Thac Bac) about 200 meters high, the Rattan Brigde (Cau May), a historical ethnic, Heaven’s Gate (Cong Troi), a highest port that can go to the road to see top of Fansipan, Bamboo forest (Rung Truc), Ta Phin cave (Hang Ta Phin), Sapa ancient Rock located in Muong Hoa valley with strange carvings of ancient people thousands of years ago but until now people can’t decode the information on it.
On Saturday night in Sapa town you can participate in the “love market”. Where the young boys, girls to know each other here through the audio: flute, leaves trumpeter, lip trumpeter very unique.

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