The Rice Noodle - Hu Tieu Sai Gon

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Kuy teav is called as hủ tíu or hủ tiếu in Vietnamese that is a dish from Cambodia. This is a noodle soup that the main ingredients is including of rice noodles with pork stock and topping.
Hu tieu is well known in the South of Vietnam, especially in Sai Gon. As Pho in Hanoi, visitor can find easily a Hu tieu shop or carts on every road in Sai Gon. Exactly, Hu tieu is a popular dish in Sai Gon. People here usually take it as a breakfast or dinner, rarely for lunch. In the South of Vietnam, Hu tieu is divided into some categories as Nam Vang rice noodles, Sa Dec rice noodle, Chinese’s rice noodle… in which its ingredients and method to are different on each. Among them, Nam Vang rice noodle is more famous because of its excellent tastes. It can be said that it is a multi- country dish, because it’s original from Cambodia taken by Chinese people to server Vietnamese.

According to some statistics, Nam Vang rice noodle is special variation from Fujian province, China that the main ingredient is rice flour instead of rice noodles. Following is the details information about this dish.


Ingredients for 6 servings
- Pork bones: 1500gr
- Season minced pork: 500gr
- Dried shrimps: ½ cup
- Pork liver: 200gr
- Dried squid: a medium size
- Quail eggs: 6 or more
- 5-6 liter of water
- Dried noodle: 600g
- Chinese celery, bean sprouts, carrot, garlic chives, onion, shallot, daikon…
Black sauce:  oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar...
1. Soak the dried squid in water for 30 minutes. After that rinse well and drain.
2. Bring the bones and water to a boil for 5 minutes to remove impurities. Then dump out the whole pot. Rinse bones and wash pot clean.
3. Add the remaining ingredients as 1 peeled onion, rock sugar, 1 tbsp salt, daikon slices, lean pork together with dried squid and shrimp. Then lower the heat to simmer for 1 hour.
4. Season minced pork with salt, peppers, sugar.
5. Boil quail eggs for 4 minutes
6. Boil pork liver, added a little salt and vinegar. Then slice it. 
7. Dried noodle was boiled according to the package instruction 
8. Make the Shrimps and Season minced pork  are till cooked
Add noodle in a large serving bowl, and then fill up by minced pork, lean pork and pork liver slices, and others ingredient above. 
There are two way to enjoy it. The first of drying version, visitor can enjoy it with black sauce and a side bowl of soup. The second is wet version by pouring hot soup over noodles and toppings. A platter of fresh vegetable, chili, lime is appreciated to server together. 
Visiting Sai Gon,  let’s once to enjoy hu tieu!
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