The Temple of Literature in Hanoi (Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam)

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Situated at the South of Thang Long Citadels, Temple of Literature is the first historical relic of Hanoi. Currently, it has been ranked to listing of 23 Special National Site of Vietnam by the Prime Minister. This architectural complex is including Van Lake, Temple of Confucius-Imperial Academy and Giam garden in which the main architecture is Temple of Confucius- the first university of Vietnam.
Temple of Literature is cover by the brick wall; the interior space is divided into 5 Courtyards with different style. To begin with its history, Temple of Confucius was built in 1070 under the King Ly Thanh Tong dynasty to honor Confucius, only for the children of King and high class to learn.Until 1706, the Imperial Academy was established beside the Temple of Confucius, it is considered the first university of our country to educate Vietnam's mandarin class. About 2,313 doctors was graduated here during over 700 working here, form 1076 to 1779. Therefore, the complex has been called by the name of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam until now. .

Next to its architecture, basing on Confucius' birthplace at Qufu in the Chinese province of Shandong, there are a beautiful garden, wall inscribes named of scholar, several altars and small museum in each courtyard.  Firstly, the first Courtyard start from the Great Portico to the Great Middle (DaiTrung Mon) that spent only for King to walk down, and  the administrative mandarins and military mandarins could pass in  two smaller gates beside it. In the second place, from the Great Middle to the iconic of Constellation of Literature Pavilion (Khue Van Cac) -  a 200-year-old structure and now became to symbol of Hanoi capital. Its two sides is "Crystallization of Letters" and "Magnificence of Letters” that lead to the Stelea Doctors area. Next, the 3rd Courtyard includes the Well of Heavenly Clarity and two sides aretwo halls containing 82 Stone stele records of imperial examinations. Continuing to the 4th area, this is the center and main architecture of Temple of Literature, consisting of House of Ceremonies ("Bai Duong") and the “House of Ceremonies" ("Bai Duong"). Finally, the 5th construction is ordered by King Ly Nhan Tong in 1076 to honor the Confucius’s parents. This area also has a large drum and a bell respectively here. However, this Courtyard is destroyed in k,1946 by French Army. It is renewed by 2000.

As a conclusion, Temple of Literature is known an ancient historical- culture heritage of Vietnam.  At present, this oldest university is using to honor the best student and pray for good lucky before enter the big exam. Many tourists are come here and expressed their admiration to this beautiful and meaning construction.

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