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Vietnamese coffee has only popular since first time, it has been introduced in the 19th century by French colonization. Today, Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of coffee and the first is Brazil. Coffee is the second trade commodity in the world after oil.

Daklak id the nation’s place where producing coffee. In Daklak province, there are more 400,000 tons of beans are harvested. Vietnam exports 1 million tons of beans every year. The 4th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Fastival held from March 9 to March 12.

Foreigners coming to Vietnam and order coffee, you can surprised when they bring you a cup, partialli filled with sweet, condensed milk and some hot water. You can make your cup of coffee right at your table.

To make a cup of coffee, Vietnamese use a “phin”- a simple device. The coffee grounds are placed at the bottom of the “phin” and you add the boiling water and wait the liquid slowly percolates through the tamp, through the grounds and strickles into the cup below. Waiting is limits. While waiting, you can discuss with your partner, talk to your friends, read a newspaper As the result, you have a thick, fet-black liquid. According to flavour, you can add fresh milk, cream, sugar or none.In a cup of coffee, you usually see long spoons for lightly mixing the two ingredients together. There are many kinds of coffee you should drink in Vietnam such as iced milk coffee, hot milk coffee, hot black coffee, and black coffee.My favourite coffee is iced coffee.With a cup of iced coffee in hand, sit outdoors on a nice day and thinking of some things, watch people travelling and feel calm down. It is really great!

In Ha Noi, you can drink coffe in one of the oldest coffee shops - Lam cafe, located on Nguyen Huu Huan street. There are many worth paintings from various decates on the wall. They creat an atmosphere where artists and intellectuals could hang out. When coming to Ha Noi, It is hard to ignore Pho Co cafe at 11 Hang Gai street.

In Vietnam, saying coffee, you should think of Sai Gon and Central-Southern provinces. Coffee culture had connected closely to life of people here. There are hundreds of cafe shops in Sai Gon. You can buy a cup of coffee at anytime and anywhere. The Saigonese’s favourite is “street cafe “in the morning. They both drink coffee and watch people trevelling. Sometimes see but see nothing, hear but hear nothing. You can know the result of a football match of Champions league last nigh or all news happed in the country only beside a cup of coffee.

There are good cafe shops in style and quality. But it is only opened in evening or at night. Among which are Trung Nguyen cafe shops. People come here to drink coffee in number from number 1 to number 8 but people who is addicted to coffee must drink coffee number 6 only. If you like style of art, you can com to Du Mien cafe shop. Giot Dang, Mua Chieu, Doi, Loi ve are names for your choice.People who like opened space allways drives to bank of Saigon river to drink coffee in Ben Nghe, Thu Thiem cafe shops, you can both enjoy coffee and breath fresh air and fell fishy tast of River.

A amazing utility of coffee is that it make people relaxed. Consequently, towards a cup of coffee, a knght- errant become good-natured person, people who is angry becomes gentle one, people who is bored become funny and people who is tired become strong. All these keep Vietnamese cafe culture lasting in hurry style of life.

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