Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls is loved recipe in Sai Gon. It is popular from pavement, market to restaurants or luxury hotels. Probably, since 2011, when the tourist website of CNN had added Vietnamses Fresh spring rolls to the list of 50 most delicious recipes in the world, this dish become more famous and be showed in many world newspapers.

This is healthy dish. The foreigners like this dish beacause it is full of nutrients as well as fresh thanking to having many vegetable, therefore, it is considered ‘a recipe for saving the world’ beacause obesity is spreading, fried potato and hamburger, fast-food become a habit of present life.You enjoy spring rolls with ‘ nuoc cham’ or hoisin sauce, but hoisin sauce is more popular in Sai Gon. I am sure that you will want to enjoy many times again.


- For the fresh spring rolls
+ about 1 pound medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
+ 16( 8 inch) round rice paper wrappers
+ 5 ounces rice vermicelli
+ 3 cup mung bean sprouts
+ 1 cup of fresh mint leaves
+ 1 medium English cucumber, peeled and sliced
+ about 14 lettuce leaves
- For the sauce
+ 4 tablespoon rice vinegar or lemon juice
+ 4 tablespoon fish sauce
+ 1 cup water
+ 1 tablespoon sugar
+ 1 garlic clove, cruches
+ 1 tablespoon grated carrots
+ 2 teaspoons chile-garlic paste


1. Firstly, soften the rice paper. You can use two rice papers per roll to make sure they don’t break. Dip two papers( or one, it is up to you) very carefully and gradually into a large bowl with warm water until totally soften. Place it on a large plate.
2. Place about some beautiful mint leaves at the bottom of the rice paper, then about 4 shrimp halves, a lettuce leaf, a small handful of vermicelli and small handful of bean sprouts. Add additional mint leaves. Top with a second lettuce leaf.
3. Fold the bottom half of the rice paper wrapper over the falling. Fold the sides of the rice paper wrapper in. Roll tightly the wrapper up from the bottom to the top.
4. Make the sauce. Combine rice vinegar, fish sauce, water and suger. Heat the mixture of above ingredients until suger is dissolved, then let cool completely. Add garlic and carrots.
5. You can enjoy it with hoisin sauce.

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