Vietnamese new year ( Tet Vietnam )

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The Vietnamese New year has many diffirent names such as Tet Ta, Lunar Vietnamese New Year, Tet Co Truyen, Tet Nguyen Dan or simply, it is Tet only. Tet is the most important celebration of Vietnamese culture and many countries in East Asian celebrate the lunar New year which originated from China.

The actual day of Tet Nguyen Dan is determined by the lunar Calender. Tet usually falls between the January or February. Although officially a three day affair, but Tet may continue fro a week or more, whenever the day-off is finished. 

Tet is time fro family reunions and for paying respect to ancestors and the elders. Tet is also time for meeting. We have an opportunity to invite and welcome deceased ancestors back for a family reunion to join the family’s Tet celebration. People who living in the city come back to homeland to visit the graves of their ancestors. No matter where they are or whatever the circumstance, members of family find ways to come back to meet their loved relatives. 

The time of preparation is the most funny. In accordance with legend, seven days before the Lunar New Year, the Kitchen God returns to Heaven to report to the Jade Emperor on the activitive of each household. To prepare for the Kitchen God’s departure, family buy “Ca Chep” to help Kitchen God’s departure to fly faster. After the departure of the Kitchen God, it is time for “Tat Nien”.

During this time, people in companies or universities or school  organize a junket to finish a year of hard working and then will have a Tet holiday with their family. People clean their house, get a haircut, buy new clothes.

You should pay all debts before new year coming. Because the elders said that do that will give away the unlucky things in the new year.

Families prepare “Mam Ngu Qua”. The elders said that, the world is made of five basic elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, hence “Mam ngu qua” contains five kinds of fruit such as a bunch of banana, a grapefruit, lemon, apples and pomelo.

Father in families always have duty to making “Banh Chung”. Mother buy food to reserve in refrigerator for three days of Tet. Members of family go to flower market and buy plants for decorating such as Hoa Mai (ochma integerrima), Hoa Dao (peach flowers or Quat plant.  Tet is not complete when ignore these plants.  Vietnamese people also arrange many kinds of flowers such as chrysanthemum, marigold, paperwhite flower.

When indicator point to Number 12 in the last day of old year, it is Giao Thu time (New year’s Eve). Giao Thua is the most sacred time of new year. In this time, pupil will take a pen and write some things to “Khai But” to pray a good year for studying. Hence, the first guest to offer the first greeting is very important. That is “Xong Dat” custom. If that guest has o good aura, family belives that they will receive luck and good fortune during the year.
The first day of Tet is time for nuclear family. Children receive lucky money in red envelope from their alders. This custom is called “mung tuoi” for North and li xi for the South. Children wear the most beautiful clothes and give their elders Tet greeting” Long life of hundred year”. On the three days of Tet, people visit all their relatives, closed friends, neighbours with Tet greeting “An Khang Thinh Vuong”( Security, good health and prosperity), “Van Su Nhu Y”(May myriad things go according to your will), “ Suc khoe doi dao, tien vao nhu nuoc”(Plenty of health and money flow in like water).
Banh Chung, Banh Tet, Pickleed welsh onion, Tet Mut( candied fruits snacks), roasted watermelonseeds are popular  foods for Tet. All these make Tet have particular tast.

After Tet holiday, people come back to work and studying. The new year starts with new things and wait the next Tet holiday.
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Tet holiday in Vietnam is so interesting. I like Tet hoiliday in VIET NAM.
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