Vietnamese Traditional Dishes

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Vietnamese cuisine is considered an advantage and an important factor for attracting tourists over the world come to Vietnam. Vietnam Record Ozganization has tried to find chances to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the contries in the world.
The variety and uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine originate from traditional dishes of provinces and cities on Vietnam. It was harmoniously combined ingredients, spicy to creat recipes which are good for health and delicious for enjoying. The time was passed, but these dishes were not losed and more and more affirm its postion in Vietnamese cuisine culture. 

The first recipe of list of traditional dishes is “Pho” (rice noodle soup). It is a popular dish of Ha Noi people and it has been existing for long time. It is famous for sweet and pure bouillon, soft noodle, soft and sweet meat. Today Pho has been anywhere in the country, but it is the most delicious in Ha Noi. There are many famous restaurant of “Pho” such as Pho Suong- Dinh Liet street, Pho Cuong- Hang Muoi, Pho Gia Truyen- Bat Dan, Pho Thin- Lo Duc street.

“Pho” (rice noodle soup)

“Cha Ca La Vong” is harmonious combination of specific spicy of Vietnam such as Dill, turmeric, shrimp past, fish sauce. All ingredients make delicious and interesting recipe. Cha Ca La Vong is added to the list of recipe you can not miss when visit Ha Noi. The restaurant is at 14 Cha Ca street. When you come to restaurant, you can be served Cha Ca with sterred shrimp paste sauce, a few slices of red fresh pimento, a plate of grilled ground nuts of gold yellow color, various spacies of mint vegetables onions in small white clices and fried fish, yellow in color. Besides Ha Noi, you can enjoy Cha Ca La Vong at No.3 Ho Xuan Huong Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

“Cha Ca La Vong”

“Hue beef noodle” come from Royal Hue City. To cook Hue beef noodle, you need to prepare many ingredients such as fresh beef meat, pork, roast beef, pig’s blood, chopped lettuce, chilli, shrimp sauce etc. You can enjoy a delicious bowl of this noodle soup not only in Hue Vietnam. Today, many people in other province learn the way to cook this recipe and then sell it. Sometimes, Hue people come to other province to sell it.

“Hue beef noodle”

“Cha Gio” or “Vietnames Spring Rolls” is one of popular Vietnames traditional dish. You can see this recipe in traditional tray of Tet. “Cha Gio” is eaten with vegetable pickles, lettuce and vermicelli. The main ingredients of Cha Gio are ground meat (pork, crab, shrimp) mushroom, carrots, onions and egg. Mix all ingredients in s large bowl and add fish sauce and spicy and then put on rice paper and turn the side in roll up. Lastly, fry it in span until golden brown. “ Nuoc cham” is an important element that make a perfect recipe.

“Vietnames Spring Rolls”

“Gio” is one of the traditional dish of Vietnam. On the Tet traditional tray, there are many delicious traditional dishes such as Chung cake, chicken meat, spring rolls… but ‘Gio” can not be missed. There are many types of “ Gio” such as Gio Lua( pork-pie), gio bo( deep dumpling), gio bi( pork and skin paste), gio mo( lean and fat pork paste), gio xao( fried pie) . Each type has a particular taste.

Visiting Hoi An Vietnam, you do not forget enjoy “Cao Lau”. This is traditional dish of Hoi An and Quang Nam people. Cao Lau noodle are carefully cooked from local sticky rice and water for soaking rice must be taken from  the Ba Le wells. Therefore noodle will be soft, enduring and flavored with special sweet- smelling. There are some meat slices mixed with fat made from fried noodle served with vegetable and bean sprouts. Dry pancakes must be thick with mush sesame on the surface. Greasy coconut quintessence and bitter green cabbage are also indispensable.

“Cao Lau”

“Banh Xeo” is a popular dish in Ho Chi Minh City. “ Banh Xeo” is crispy, bulging with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts. You cut it into manageable slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves and drunk it in special sauce.

“Banh Xeo”

Pho vietnam banh xeo vietnam cao lau hoi an cao lau vietnam cha ca la vong
I like Vietnames Spring Rolls.
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