Vung Tau Vietnam

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Vung Tau is not only famous for beaches and mountains in Vietnam, but also is known by all over the world. It is located in southern province, is 120km from Ho Chi Minh City. So it is wonderfull destination for Saigonese to relax on weekend.

Today, Vung Tau is considered as a resort town in Baria – Vung Tau. Vung Tau attracts thousands of tourist annually with beaches, many pogodas and temples.

There are four beaches in Vung Tau. Bai Truoc (front Beach) located in the center of the Town and between the Small mountain and Big mountain. The beach is the same as a cresscent when looked from far. Most tourists come here to view the sunset. It is great. There are many restaurants, kiosks and hotels closed to the beach. It is comfortable for tourist to visit here. Bai Sau (Back Beach) is the most attractive beach in Vung Tau. There are many services here such as keeping your belongings, renting umbrella and chair, fresh water bathe. Sea parachute with canoeing is always available. Bai Dua beach is situated on the foot of Small mountain and famous for its pineapple trees and black rock. Bai Dau beach is located on the western side of Big mountain. 


Beside quiet and beautifull beaches, Vung Tau has many wonderfull landscappes such as the lighhouse, statue of Jesus christ and Villa blanche and parks. When coming to visit Villa blanche, tourists can see the history of Vietnam. It’s built as a summer holiday house and located in the Big mountain, along Tran Phu street.

From its balcony and opposite the Villa is Hau Nguu islet with a stone lock shaped like a water buffalo wallowing. Today Villa blanche consists hundreds of antiques colected from Cau Islet- Con Dao.Besides, you can look the sea, enjoin wind, take photograph and drink coffee in here.

Statue of Jesus Christ is on top of Small Mountain buitl in 1974. Statue  is 32m tall. Inside the statue have a spiral staircase of 129 steps to the it’s finger. It is considered as a copy in Rio de Janeiro of Brasil.


Vung Tau is famous destination with intersting specific dishes. Coming to Vung Tau, it is easy to buy fresh and cheap seafood such as flower crab, mud crab, oyster, lobster etc. from fisherman on seashore in the morning or you can go to seafood market in Long Son penninsula . Some popular seafood restaurants are Gành Hào, Ốc Năm, Ốc Nốc… Besides, Banh Khot is very famous specific dished in Vung Tau. 

Banh Khot

Coming to Vung Tau, you should not miss walking on the seashore at night and drinking coffee . The price is not expensive in the cafe store and it’s view is very wonderful. Some of which are Lan Rừng café, Ô Cấp Café( Ha Long street) sea Breeze( Trần Phú street).

Travelling to Vung Tau, you can carry any clothes you like but do not forget shorts, bikini, hat, maxi dress, sandals, suncream. I hope that you will have a interesting trip and have many experiences  when discovery landscapes in Vung Tau.
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